The very best deals for shopping this holiday may be on Pink Friday. According to

Pink Friday is positioned the week prior to Black Friday to ensure that small businesses are given the first opportunity to help shoppers in their quest for holiday gifts. These businesses are usually overshadowed by their big-box counterparts and deserve their own weekend to shine.

If you are looking for a great place to shop in the Buffalo area on Pink Friday, an ideal location would be Molly+Kate or Main+Downing. Both stores will have deals specific to this Friday, November 19.

Molly + Kate will be offering 25% off STOREWIDE the discount increases to 40% off on Saturday to clear out the store for all new holiday.

Pink Friday will be just another great way to shop local and get gifts that are in stock on the shelves and ready to go. With so much concern about shipping and shortages these days, we need to support the local guys even more!

My wife is a huge fan of both of these stores. My guess is that she gave me the heads up on this sale to let me know that I will need to make plans for the kids and I, while she does some shopping.

Happy holidays and remember to have patience with everyone this season. You might find a limited supply of things that you were looking for or perhaps encounter some stores that have a limited number of customer service representatives.

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