You may think you know where the best ice cream is, but unless it's in Montgomery, you're wrong.

The Hudson Valley is truly blessed to have so many amazing bars, restaurants, and cool places. One of the categories we truly excel in is dessert. Even more specifically, ice cream. And in the Hudson Valley, I've never had a bad ice cream experience. But I have had one that is truly the best, no doubt.

In my opinion, the best ice cream in the Hudson Valley is in Montgomery. But where in Montgomery you may ask? Richards Dairy Shed. It's located on Route 17K, right by Valley Central High and Middle School. They have a decent-sized parking lot and plenty of seating outdoors. It actually has a pretty nice view too!

Richard's Dairy Shed is my favorite ice cream stand in the Hudson Valley easily. They have cones, cups, sundaes, ice cream cakes, food, and much more. My favorite thing there is the E.T. sundae. An E.T sundae is what makes Richard's Dairy Shed so amazing. The E.T. sundae consists of your choice of ice cream, hot fudge, warm peanut butter sauce, Reese's Pieces, whipped cream, and cherry DELICIOUS.

So feel free to tell and scream that your neighborhood ice cream stand is the best.  Please do tell me what you think is the best so I can go try it! But you definitely need to try Richard's Dairy Shed in Montgomery. Get an E.T. sundae and thank me later!

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