Does anyone remember the Nicklecreek Cafe in West Seneca? It was on the corner of Borden and Clinton Street and anyone in West Seneca, Cheektowaga and Lancaster would visit that place. It was so good, but their panko chicken sandwich was something out of this world. It was, first of all, the biggest piece of fried chicken that you have ever seen, with fried onions, cheese on a Costanzo roll.

It was without a doubt the best fried chicken sandwich of all-time in Buffalo. But, then it closed about 5 years ago and was bought by the O'Connell's who were going to open it as a classier place called 'The Protocol'. It never took off, and now, it was recently sold all over again and it is getting ready to be something new again for the folks that live in the neighborhoods.

But, after it closed I was on the hunt for the best chicken sandwich in Western New York. I did not document any over the past couple of years, but our friend in Lancaster, Sean Pantling has been giving insight on his DudeClucks Instagram. There are tons of different local sandwiches from all different parts of Western New York.

So. who has the best chicken sandwich around Buffalo? Take a look at some local restaurants that have received the best scores from DudeClucks.

P.S. If you have any that you think need to be on this list, give us a shout.

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