YESSSS. Last week I was hurt and upset that the City Council of Niagara Falls, decided to make cuts the the annual fireworks show in the Falls. These fireworks have never been canceled but due to budget restraints they where called off by the city.

Then I was able to dig a little bit father to find out that it was only saving the city $25K, for cancelling the Fireworks. I said to myself wow, only 25k to put on the show. How about they find some type of sponsor or the city do a "Go Fund me". Well someone from Keybank seen my post, (Just kidding) but KeyBank has stepped in and and will be sponsoring the Fireworks in Niagara Falls. YEESS!!! Thank you KeyBank!

According to News 4 WIVB confirmed  this news yesterday and spoke to a executive at Key Bank.

” Gary Quenneville, KeyBank upstate New York regional sales executive, said. “KeyBank is proud to provide the funding to continue this event that has been enjoyed by families and neighbors for years. We look forward to a night of fun and excitement in the Falls on July 4th!”


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