During this episode of Buffalo Alive, Yasmin Young and JSteel take a trip to Jada Blitz Gym to get some professional tips for getting healthy in 2016! February is almost here, have you done all you can to get into a healthy mindset? If not, no worries, watch Buffalo Alive to get tips and see some exercises you can do at home! Also, Almax hit the stage at Shea's Smith Theater and DJ Ace is on the streets finding out if Western New Yorkers think weed should be legalized and more! What a time to B. Alive!

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Time markers for each segment are below (if you want to watch a specific segment):

Zandra Beauty - 0:33 - 5:03
On The Streets 1 - 5:05 - 5:45
Almax Performing - 5:47 - 7:15
On The Streets 2 - 7:17 - 7:44
Jada Blitz Fitness Training - 7:46 - 17:37
Buffalo Seminary Dance - 17:38 - 18:01
On The Streets 3 - 18:03 - 18:37

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