Not only is Terrell Owens broke, he's a deadbeat dad. We'll find out just how bad it is on today's episode of Dr. Phil where he is confronted by 3 of his baby's mamas. The women named Kimber, Monique and Melanie claim the former Bills receiver is delinquent in child support payments.

What's that? He can't support his kids when he made over $80 million playing football. Cue the "I take care of my kids" guy and try to figure that one out. According to the CBS press release, he tells Dr. Phil that his travel schedule didn't allow him to be with his kids like he would have liked. Looks like Dr. Phil has taken one out of the Jerry Springer playbook on this one, and Owens likely won't be received well by a mostly female audience. Hell, no guys like this dude either. Can't believe he couldn't just pawn the key to the city he got from Mayor Brown to get some quick cash. The episode airs at 4 pm. Get your popcorn ready!

Contributed by Joe Russo.