This is disturbing to say the least several teenage girls jumping one teenager in a Brooklyn McDonalds as bystanders watch and tape with their cell phones , but they never try to break up the fight.


Every punch, every gasp and every cheer was captured on video, but the teens responsible for a brutal beatdown at a Brooklyn McDonald’s may never be captured since nobody will speak up — not even the victim, officials said Wednesday.

Dozens of kids and at least two adults watched Monday’s cringe-worthy attack inside the Flatbush eatery, but did nothing to stop it, a video that emerged online shows.

Nobody inside the McDonald’s called 911, police said.

On Wednesday — two days after the attack — police and community leaders called for the victimized 15-year-old to come forward and press charges against her attackers.

“We are asking that young lady to not be afraid,” community activist Tony Herbert said outside the Flatbush Ave. McDonald’s where the attack took place. “Come forward. We will stand with her. We will go to the police. We need her and her family to step forward and press charges."

Cops are investigating the brawl, but said that the brutalized teen, an Erasmus High School student, has refused to cooperate with police. The teen’s mother has also refused to talk to cops, police sources said.

Investigators now want to speak to the teen’s father in the hopes that he can convince her to press charges.

Police believe the brawlers were embroiled in an ongoing feud — but did not immediately know what sparked the fight.

“(The victim) was there to fight,” a police source said. “It looks like they went there to straighten out their differences and she wound up getting the worst of it.”

The video clearly shows the victim throwing the first punch, but, within seconds, her 17-year-old rival and three other teens swarm her and launch a volley of teeth-chattering haymakers at her head.

"At first she was fighting just one girl,” said 15-year-old Tiana Smith, who saw the fight as she walked by the McDonalds Monday. “Then like about 8 to 10 others joined. It looked like 100. I felt bad for her. No one was helping her. It was messed up. Not even the adults (helped her)."

I wanted to help her, but I knew I would get jumped too,” Smith said.

Despite being outnumbered, the teen refuses to let go of her rival — and even pulls the brawler’s black hoodie off to reveal a purple bra.

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