Social media is not a stranger to controversy – but usually its entertainers or athletes that get in trouble for what they post on social media sites. Now a high school teacher from California is in hot water over her offensive tweets about her students.

Krista Hodges, a teacher at Newark Memorial High School was reprimand and had to apologize after management at the school was made aware of Krista's tweets by her colleagues.

Krista tweeted out several offensive tweets about her students, including how she wanted to pour coffee on them and how they make her trigger finger inch.

Now I’m all for freedom of speech but when you hold certain job titles you must be mindful of what you put out there in the atmosphere. Now Krista still works at the high school but her tweeter account has been deleted and she stated she didn’t think people would take her tweets so serious.

Do you think she should have got in trouble over her few tweets? Do you feel we as a society are losing our sense of humor and are over reacting to social media sites?

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