The Taste of Home Cooking Show has brought its life here to Buffalo and I got the chance to see everything (and help make it happen) yesterday for prep!Chef Michael Barna has some amazing recipes in store for the audiences at the UB Center for the Arts and I had a hand in preparing the first dish! They’re called Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and they sure did look delicious!

For the people out there who know me, y’all KNOW I don’t spend quality time in the kitchen. But I felt the heat and I stayed through the pressure and IN the kitchen. I took my sweet time and made sure I didn’t ruin the first scene of the show.  It was definitely a process but Chef Michael was there through it all. A couple of Town Square Media family were there to help and the lovely WBLK promotions Interns came to represent as well.

It was a new experience for me to cook, first of all. Then, the added notion of the fact that this nationally respected Chef is counting on my non-existing kitchen knowledge to make it happen. Hey, I now know what it means to “mince” and how it’s done! ;)

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from yesterday’s events!


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