There's a lot of love songs hitting the radio this summer. But Tank has one of them voices that set him apart from the rest.

Along with "Next Breath", the dedication song "Compliments" is another smash hit off his This is How I Feel Album.

Check out the music video featuring T.I and see what "the most beautiful girl in the world" looks like! 


The radio version omits T.I.'s verse. Making it a perfect dedication from a man to his woman.

The songstress on the track is newcomer Kris Stephens. She explains her big break below.

"I met Tank in Maryland actually, but we kept in contact, and he worked on my solo project as an EP [executive producer]," Stephens said in an interview with "The chemistry was really off the top and grew organically. I guess he saw a lot of him in me as far as my drive."


Stephens first linked up with Tank six years ago; shortly after dropping out of business school to pursue a music career full time. She had taken a risk and walked away from a solid job in city government to work at her dream.

"I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do," Stephens said of her days studying business management at Tompkins University. "I was trying to figure my life out and before I knew it I was literally in class writing songs, not paying attention to anything. That's when it hit."

She moved down to Atlanta and briefly joined a girl group, but it didn't pan out. Tank took an interest, however, and the two have been writing songs together ever since — especially for his latest album, This Is How I Feel.