Last week the internet went in a frenzy after rumors began to surface across the internet that rapper (1/4 Actor) Mos Def, or Yassin Bey, has been banned from the United States of America, the country he was born in, due to immigration issues. When I first heard the story, I gave the biggest side eye of life to the entire situation because something didn't sound right at all... The guy was born in BK, come on. Well, fellow hip hop heavyweight and group mate (Black Star), Talib Kweli clears up all the rumors and according to him, they are all false. He tweets about his friend, Mos Def:

“I haven’t spoken on Yasiin cuz it seemed obvious to me that these rumors are unsubstantiated lies. But y’all believe blogs so I must,Think about you’ve read about Yasiin. Does it make sense? No it doesn’t. Do you own research if you that concerned. Stop believing blogs. No need to get up in arms. Yasiin is, in the words of Dave Chappelle, chillin out in South Africa #mandelavoice.” 

While I know this is a rumor, I still wonder what really happened with the tour? I mean, a rumor of immigration is completely random and odd... We have a word for that kind of odd, it's called... suspicious.