On Sunday afternoon an Ohio teen met up with a guy he was having beef on Facebook to settle the dispute "man-to-man". After a quick blow to the head, 17 year old Mustafa McHorter was knocked  unconscious yet the boys kept kicking him while he was down; entertaining a live audience of bystanders.  

All this week we've been talking about violence in our community and the witnesses who refuse to do anything about it. First the Mother's Day weekend shootings on the Eastside of Buffalo that left 2 dead. Then the carjacking at the gas station in Detroit that left Pastor Winans "indecently exposed". And now this incident in Ohio.  

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Check out this cell phone video that caught the graphic fight. In the crowd of people you clearly see kids AND adults, watching the knocked out Mustafa take punches and kicks to the head.

In a later interview, one adult neighbor was quoted saying “There were grown adults watching this. Yeah, I watched it. I was not trying to get involved. I don’t know these kids, if they got guns or anything like this. We called the police. That’s all we could do.”

How do we plan to stop the violence when grown adults are too scared to jump in and take control?