We've had some pretty mild weather in Western New York lately.  But today, heavy storms rolled through that are causing some damage.

It's been pretty warm and sunny across Western New York for a couple of days, but today, as expected, heavy rain storms rolled through that have caused trees to lose branches and parking lots to flood.

A severe thunderstorm warning began for most of Western New York around 2pm on Wednesday that covered from Eden, NY to Attica, NY and it will stay in effect until 3pm.

Pictures from across the area are all over social media this afternoon including this one that shows the sky over St. Stanislaus and Corpus Christi Churches in Buffalo.

West Seneca Police shared that a lightning strike started a fire on Holland Avenue.

Hamburg saw major flooding across streets and parking lots.

The damage has been seen as far west as Chautauqua County with downed trees due to the storm.

There is still a chance of rain throughout the evening tonight but then tomorrow looks like it should be sunny again.

Remember to stay safe during storms like this.  Do not try to pass through flooded streets.  You never know how deep those puddles actually go.  Stay inside and avoid lightning.  Never touch downed power lines.

The good news is that it is a very quick moving storm.  It rolls through in a hurry, but as mentioned, it's causing damage across Western New York so be aware and do what you can to stay safe.

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