Extensive touring and performing onstage night after night can do a number on a person's body let alone bad eating habits and indulging in some good liquor. There are some artists who live the rock star lifestyle to the fullest and go zero to 100 (real quick) weekly. However, more and more rappers and singers have been making an effort to keep themselves in shape these days.

From healthy eating to making the gym a top priority, hip-hop and R&B artists are completely transforming their bodies and look amazing while doing it. One great example is Dr. Dre's journey from his solid frame to more of a character out of a Marvel comic book. Not only did he shed weight but he beefed up so much that we wouldn't be surprised if he could take on elite bodybuilders in a strength contest.

Then there's 50 Cent. While there was a short period where he lost tons of weight for his role in 2011's Things Fall Apart, he's back to his buff self. And even though he didn't necessarily pack on the muscles, soulful crooner Sam Smith slimmed down recently to be in the best shape of his life.

With Men's Health Week kicking off on June 15, The Boombox gathered a few rappers and singers with the hottest bodies to celebrate their fit physiques. Whether they'll inspire you to do an extra set of push-ups after work or just give you some eye candy to snack on during your coffee break, here's 10 Rappers & Singers Who Will Make You Want to Hit the Gym.

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