Singer-songwriter Tank is kicking off 2016 with his new single, "Relationship Goals." The seductive ballad channels the veteran crooner's signature sound heard in his early hits like "Slowly" and "Close."

On the song, the Washington, D.C. native seduces his ladylove telling her that she's the only thing that matters -- spiritually, mentally and most certainly, physically.

"All of them ho's / They don't matter, babe / You're the only one / That I call my babe...I'ma beat it up / 'Til you scream for another round...Coming to break you off / Sledgehammer babe...This could be us," he sings.

"Relationship Goals" is the second single off Tank's upcoming album, Sex, Love & Pain II (SLP2), which is slated to hit stores on Jan. 22. You can pre-order the LP right now at iTunes.

Listen to Tank's Song "Relationship Goals"

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