Stevie J

Rumor Or Real?
Word has it that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are expecting a new addition to their family, a baby!
This seems to be a rumor at the moment but like I always say time will tell when it comes to this. There is apart of me that I hope its not true because Stevie J is already behind in Child support,…
s/o To "Hating Baby Mamas" [vid]
After being arrested for owning $1 million in child support, Stevie J, his "wife" Joseline and their son are flexin on haters out in LA. Check out what she said about the baby mama that had Stevie arrested!
Was Steven Jordan from the reality television show 'Love & Hip Hop' arrested on Friday in Crawford County Georgia on drug trafficking charges?
Lil Wayne Kisses Stevie J [VIDEO]
Lil Wayne is allegedly caught kissing another man. Stevie J has called numerous different stations saying it’s not him in the video — he doesn’t kiss guys.
I don't know if this guy is Stevie J but what's up with Lil Wayne kissing men ...
This Week In Hip Hop With ReddRoxx!!!
Unfortunately, there has been soooo much that has transpired after the premier of Love & Hip Hop ATL that most of today's segment has been dedicated to the debockery!
The first thing that I wasnt to address is producer extraorinaire Stevie J