Phone isn't mailed..
Have you ever order something online and it doesn’t arrive?
Well, this customer had a different way to deal with customer service. I’m not one to gossip so you didn’t hear it from me – but allegedly a female in Fayette,N.C. robbed a sprint store i…
Man Wearing Panty Hose on Head Robs Store in Lancaster
It's bad enough that 46 year-old Frank Schupp was caught after robbing Tops Express on Transit Road in Lancaster.  Schupp also admitted to recently robbing a Depew Liquor Store as well.  
According to News Reports, Frank Schupp put pantyhose on his head, got himself a knife, …
Lockport Man Who Allegedly Robbed Tim Hortons
OMG!...of all the places to rob, why would anyone choose the place where there's non-stop people?
Well, it appears (according to News Reports) 31 Year-Old David Dexter of Lockport was pulled over at 2:20 AM in Lockport because he didn't have his headlights on...
West Seneca "Apologetic Subway Robber" At Large!
According to News Reports, a man robbed two separate Subway of them a West Seneca Subway restaurant where the "robber" actually apologized for his actions saying, "I hate to do this, I'm so sorry" (according to News Reports)
Police are looking for a man who, acco…
Tonawanda Police Need Your Help to I.D. Robbery Suspects!
Tonawanda Police are trying to I.D. the two suspects in the pictures below.
Here's the Direct New Story from The Buffalo News (
Town of Tonawanda police released surveillance video footage to the public from two separate armed robberies of a 7-Eleven convenience store on Linc…

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