Suge & Katt Arrested
Yesterday, the internet blew up after reports that both Suge Knight and Katt Williams were both ARRESTED for “robbery” after they took a female paparazzi’s camera. Katt Williams is out on bail but the police realized that they finally have Suge Knight in their custody. They have demanded that he give answers for some crimes in Los Angeles, detailing what he knows before he can be released Read Mo
OJ Wants A New Trial
OJ Simpson is back in the news as he gets set to make his Appeal for a New Trial in his Burglary / Kidnapping Case. Well here's the FULL STORY below ...AND A SEPARATE MATTER... A Documentary that claims to PROVE OJ is INNOCENT (in reference to the Nicole Simpson / Ron Goldman Murders...
Dolce' & Gabbana Headed To Jail For Tax Fraud
The high end shoppers out there are worried about how they will be buying Dolce & Gabbana after the legendary Fashion design duo has been sentenced to 18 Months in jail over tax fraud in Italy. Uncle Sam speaks all languages and loves all styles of clothes and yes, even the high end lines.  ...
WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? Many times I see pictures where Family Members have visited Loved Ones in Prison...and the men in the pictures are PROUDLY POSING & PUMPED!!!!! Without sharing and comments of my own... I'm just curious as to what YOU think about this phenomenon.  ...
Jail vs. College
If we say that there are more African-Americans in the industrial prison complex that were en-slaved in the 1800’s, would it be safe to say that there are more black men in prison than there are in college?
Facebook & Cell Phones In Prison? [VIDEO]
  As we all know, prisoners can pretty much get anything they want while behind bars, including cell phones and Facebook Friends! Smart as they are, inmates have found a way to tap into the pay phone technology and use smuggled mobile phones to run criminal enterprises, intimidate witnesses, organize attacks on guards, even posting photos to Facebook. This is all getting ready to come to an end...

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