On Wednesday, The NFL Players Association released the names of the players selected for their Players’ All-Pro First Team, and we couldn’t help but notice there were some names missing.

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For the second year in a row, NFL players voted on who was the best of their peers across 23 positions, and 30 of them made the cut for 2024’s list.   

According to the NFLPA, players had to abide by these rules when casting their ballot:

  • Only active NFL players were eligible to vote, and each player could only vote once.
  • Players could not vote for themselves or for their teammates.
  • If a player missed five or more games as of Week 15 of the season, they were ineligible for a spot on the team.
  • Players voted for the position group they play in and line up against on the field. For example, centers could vote for: the best center, the best nose tackle, the best interior defensive lineman and the best off-ball linebacker in the league.
  • For the special teams (or “core teamers”) category, various player leaders from each locker room nominated their two top players for the ballot.

Big names like Miami’s Tyreek Hill, Kansas City’s Travis Kelce and San Fran’s Christian McCafferty all got a nod. However, fans noticed that several names were conspicuously absent from the list, including Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Josh Allen, offensive lineman Dion Dawkins, running back James Cook, defensive tackle Ed Oliver

Do you notice a trend?

Buffalo Bills Snubbed From NFLPA All-Pro Team

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Even though both Dawkins and Cook earned spots on the fan-voted NFL Pro-Bowl first team, they apparently weren’t considered good enough this season by their fellow players to get their vote for this one. 

In fact, not one single player on the Buffalo Bills roster was given a spot on the players’ associations list. 

How Does Josh Allen Feel About The Bills Being Left Out?

When Josh Allen was asked about the snub while speaking to the media on Wednesday, you could see all over the QB’s face how he felt about the brush-off. However, instead of giving a candid response, he paused for a few seconds, put on a brief smirk, and kept his answer short and sweet before exiting the room.

Most Bills fans have a lot more scathing things to say on the issue, but we respect that Allen kept it classy (although we hope that someday, he’ll tell us how he really feels - we bet it’s juicy). 

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At least we can agree on one thing: “Go Bills.” 

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