Just last month the Buffalo Common Council passed a new law that marked the beginning of the end of the City of Buffalo's school zone speed camera program. That new law called for, among other things, for the cameras to be turned off immediately after the law was passed.

However, according to reporting from WKBW-TV, some drivers in Buffalo are still receiving tickets after the program has ended.

Multiple people have told Common Council Member Rasheed Wyatt that they are still receiving tickets even though the camera were ordered to be shut off on June 15, 2021.

I can say that I have personally seen the cameras on Bailey Avenue still operating as late as Friday, July 9, 2021. This is especially concerning considering the fact that it's summer and school is out. Officials from the City of Buffalo Parking Enforcement Department have said that they had assumed the cameras had all been turned off, except for the camera on Bailey Avenue since there is a daycare still operating. Councilmember Wyatt stated to WKBW-TV that the daycare is not considered a school, so the camera should be off.

This seems to be just another negative mark for this controversial program. It has become such a negative mark that there are multiple lawsuits against the city, including a class-action lawsuit that was filed a few months ago.

We're just going to have to continue to wait and see what happens in this saga.

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