Lady K

Lupe Teases New Album
There's been a lot of talk about Lupe Fiasco and his good-natured advice for Chief Keef ! Just finished an on-air debate with some listeners about who wins in that reasoning.
Beyonce *I Was Here* {VIDEO}
Beyonce is known for her infectious dance routines, her show-stopping looks, and straight-up bold-ness in her music videos. Her latest video was released on World Humanitarian Day (August 19th) and, honestly.... I had chills.
Laura Izibor — He’ll Never Know
You may remember Laura Izibor's name from her feel-good single a couple years ago "From My Heart To Yours." Well now, she's BACK and more soulful than ever! Check out her live recording from the "Brooklyn Sessions Vol. 1"
Dark Knight Massacre
The anticipation has been HUGE for the last piece in the Dark Knight trilogy. Fans have been waiting for midnight on July 20th for weeks to be the first to see the epic film. In Aurora, Colorado, movie-goers had to worry about much more than someone taking their seat during a concession run.

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