The anticipation has been HUGE for the last piece in the Dark Knight trilogy. Fans have been waiting for midnight on July 20th for weeks to be the first to see the epic film. In Aurora, Colorado, movie-goers had to worry about much more than someone taking their seat during a concession run.


12 dead, over 50 injured. A 24 year old male busted into the theater (ready with his bulletproof vest on), let loose an abundance of tear gas, and opened fire about half an hour into the movie.

According to NBC News, the shooter is in police custody and his car and home were searched for bombs. A 4 month old baby and 6 year old little girl were among the people injured. "When I ... tried to escape, there was a little girl, 12 or 13, just laying lifeless on the stairs," said one of the people who was trapped in the theater.

Jennifer Seeger, a witness that was stuck in the theater, told Matt Lauer the shooter started his terrorism near the corner of the screen, worked his way up the stairs to the top, and back down. Anyone who tried to escape was attacked by bullets.

President Obama has been notified of the horrible events of this morning and has issued a statement asking for the unity of our American people in this time of crisis.

I'm shocked that someone would go to such an extreme to harm and kill innocent people at a movie premiere.

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