Beyonce is known for her infectious dance routines, her show-stopping looks, and straight-up bold-ness in her music videos. Her latest video was released on World Humanitarian Day (August 19th) and, honestly.... I had chills.

"I Was Here" is a deep song about making your mark on the world. Making sure your efforts made a difference. Written by the great legend, Ms. Diane Warren, the song is one for the records.

The new video shows Bey in one, stunning white dress, with LIVE vocals, and little vignettes showing the world's struggles and triumphs.

I wanted to share "I Was Here" with you because it inspired me to sit down and write what I want my life to mean when I'm gone. Take a minute and think about how far you've come, and how far you still have to go. Make sure you make your goals priority and achieve everything your heart desires.