The Maple Leafs May Move To Buffalo For Playoffs?
As of right this second, the United States and Canada border is still shut down and looking forward could cause some headaches for the NHL as the Stanley Cup playoffs happen in June.
If you get access to cross the border, you need to quarantine in Canada for 14 days. Obv...
Are The Buffalo Sabres For Sale?
At this point, it is no surprise that the Sabres are doing this bad. What is actually going on?
It's like, real bad.
With that amount of talent individually, how can you not generate a winning team. Even a slightly competitive team...
Buffalo & Cincinnati Partner
Well the answer to the question is certainly not The Bills or The Bengals...although both teams are normally sitting at home watch the NFLPlayoffs or wishing they were contenders for the Super Bowl.
The answer is however Sports related.....
Local Hockey Fight Foolery!
I've never understood why fighting is an acceptable part of any sport...and it isn't...unless you're talking Boxing or Hockey!  Hockey???????  How does hockey get away with "fighting" is considered an acceptable part of te game wit the consequences bei…
Evander Kane Accused of Assault
Reports say Evander Kane (left wing for the Buffalo Sabres) was kicked out of Bottom's Up by security on W. Chippewa Street this past Friday after trying to stop an altercation from occurring .
A report was filed by a woman who claims Kane called her derogatory names and tried to push her into h…

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