A dad is being celebrated on social media for his crafty attempt to keep his kids organized and safe.

What Is A Gun Safe?

A gun safe can not only keep your firearms safe, but also your family and others safe from your firearms.

Gun safes are heavy-duty storage options for firearms. In order for a safe to qualify as "secure gun storage" under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives guidelines, it must designed in a way that can only be unlocked with a key or combination.

Securing firearms with zip ties, rope or string does not meet ATF guidelines.

That makes secure gun safes, cases and lock boxes fairly common among responsible gun owners.

What A Dad Made For His Kids' Guns

A dad in a gardening Facebook group recently shared a gun safe he made to hold his kids' Nerf guns.

"I made a Nerf gun safe for my boys to look like their dad's," the post says.

So, why is this in a gardening group? The base for the toy gun safe is a garden tool storage container with double doors on the outside.

The dad painted the container black and added a handle similar to what you'd see on a large safe. He also decorated the storage case with a logo for Browning, a company that markets firearms and fishing equipment.

Several commenters on the post showed support for the dad's project.

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"I love this idea and a terrific way to teach gun safety," Lillian Trowbridge wrote.

Another parent thinks it would be the perfect addition to her son's room.

"OK, this is actually cute as hell! My boy's room is hunting themed and I've been trying to think of an idea similar to this," Brittany Boiner commented.

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