The 716 is always missed when you no longer have access to some of the key ingredients that make up the city. Other than the great people of Buffalo, the food is always missed for those who are from Buffalo and have re-located and these things cannot be replaced in any other region or city.

This is why our guy Steve E. has created Buffalo in a Box. This box has all the things people miss about Buffalo ranging from Weber’s,  Loganberry, that great sponge candy or that Mighty Taco , Grandma's Frank and Beans and he’s prepared to ship those familiar flavors anywhere in the country with his company,

Hes been doing this since 2013, he’s been shipping out hundreds of items, either selected a la carte or or pre-paired items all from Buffalo. He wants to make sure everyone across the nation feels that four letter word.

This what Steve had to say according to the Buffalo News:

"I'm from Buffalo, born and raised and I want to spread the love," he said. 

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