Robin Thicke Sits Down With Our Own SteelBoutMoney
So I had a chance today to sit down with Robin Thicke we talked about his upcoming tour with Fantasia, his latest single "When You Love Sombody", The Masked Singer, his upcoming album, and more.
But don't take my word for it check out the interview below:
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Is Jamal Lyon’s
Spoiler alert spoiler alert after this weeks episode of Empire everyone on social media was freaking out . Is this the end of Jamal Lyon's, well via entertainment weekly.
Jamal Lyon’s days aren’t numbered after all, even though Empire actor Jussie Smollett hi…
Watch The Trailer!
Oh snap!! FOX and Lee Daniels just released the trailer for the second season of Empire and it looks JUICY!! Will Cookie Lyon and the family succeed in taking the company from sneaky ass Lucious Lyon? I CANNOT wait for the new season, which kicks off September 23...
Did Two Cast Members From Empire Get in a Real Fight?
How many of you have been patiently waiting for the Season 2 premiere of Empire? Well it airs on FOX September 23rd at 9pm. But we hear there is some trouble on the set. According to, Terrance Howard and Bryshere Grey aka Yaz had a real fight filming a fight scene...
'Empire' Facts You Didn't Know
FOX’s Empire proved an unexpected juggernaut across its first season, but did you know the Lee Daniels drama bucked every trend by its climbing ratings? Or that we almost had Wesley Snipes and Mo’Nique instead of Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson? These are just some of the trivial …
Has "EMPIRE" Gone Too Far?
The most popular TV Shows of late are seemingly those that are the most raunchy, risque, and some may say RIDICULOUS!  The newest of these highly rated shows, based on the number of people watching, is "EMPIRE"!
There are two particular scenes that some say go TOO FAR...
The Black / White Santa Debate!
Well it seems Fox'x Meagan Kelly has cleared up those Age-Old "Secret Christmas Questions" which people normally keep to themselves... "Is Santa White?"
Not only does Meagan Kelly straighten out the "Santa Question" she also reveals the race …

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