Should I Hook My Friend Up With Mr. Wrong [THE SCENARIO]
Tonight's Scenario comes from a female listener who wrote me saying this:
“My best friend wanted me to hook her up with one of my boyfriend’s homeboys. He is an attractive guy but my boyfriend told me and I witnessed on so many occasions that he has some issues with women.…
Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Like Men With Money
People always think it takes money to impress women, well not Nicki Minaj she seems to be turned on by the more simple things. That would make more sense because she already has money.
Here are some excerpts from her interview with cosmopolitan magazine.
Finding A “REAL” Date in Buffalo NY!
Men and women constantly complain about the lack of singles in the dating world. “There no good men,” or “some women aren’t the marrying type.” But you all may just be looking in the wrong places.