Here we go!!!!  It's hard enough for parents these days to keep their children focused and held accountable for things they SHOULD NOT BE DOING, as physical discipline is pretty much a thing of the past.... unless a parent is "sneaking in a spanking" and hoping he / she doesn't leave welts or have the child tell someone, "My Mom / Dad BEAT ME!!!".

The Buffalo Public School System is reported in the Buffalo News this morning to be considering a Condom Availability Program in the Buffalo Schools such that condoms are available in school.

There are some Buffalo Schools who already make condoms available to High School Students, however, there are other schools in the U.S. that have adopted the Condom Availability Program to students in Elementary Schools as well...with the BIGGEST GRIPE among parents being the fact that the Parent has NO RIGHT TO INFORMATION!!!  If a student...any age... requests a condom, the school HAS TO PROVIDE THE STUDENT WITH A CONDOM AND CANNOT INFORM THE PARENT...EVEN IF THEN PARENT ASKS ANY QUESTIONS!!!!

Now those policies may not be the same in Buffalo Schools as it has been suggested that Parents can "OPT OUT" of the program and demand that their child cannot utilize the program in Buffalo.

There are alarming statistics among local teens, which seem to support the reason why a Condom Availability Program would be favorable.  Sexual relations, sexual transmitted disease, and pregnancy are "Out of Control".  Proponents of the Condom Availability Program believe that condoms in High School will lessen some of the stats that exist today.

Well watch these videos and tell me what you think...


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