All Ted’s Fish Fry Locations Hiring & Closing on Sundays
There is a dire need for workers across the state and right here in the Capital Region so it is forcing one local fast food restaurant to close all seven of its restaurants every Sunday. But they are still vigorously trying to hire all positions at all locations.
Should Workers Be Deported?
You've heard the News about several Mexican restaurants being closed recently because they've been employing and harboring Undocumented Workers.  Well those restaurants have now been closed and the undocumented workers are facing the threat of deportation...
Tweet a Digital Valentine!
Got a Special Valentine Message you want to express to your "SWEETHEART" Publicly?  Well just tweet your message (via Twitter) to your "Sweetie" using the following  >>> #snowdayvalentines @937wblk (copy and paste it into your Tweet)…