Zay Jones is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills.  He's made the news for some unfortunate reasons this year.  However, this story is a positive one for a family in Buffalo.

He was arrested in the spring just before the draft after what appeared to be a meltdown in a hotel in L.A.

He wasn't cleared for physical activity after off season surgery on his knee.

To say that this off season has been a rough one for Zay Jones might be an understatement.  However, to say that he didn't make an impact on a family who is grieving the loss of their mother would be an even bigger understatement.

Here's where the Lonnen family from Medina comes in.

According to WIVB, the family lost their mother unexpectedly in April.  She was a huge Bills fan.  Her daughter Hannah says, "The games meant a lot to her and every Sunday we'd watch it.  So just to know that something that she enjoyed so much is helping us get through it is making it ten times better for us."

Zay got word of the family's situation from a cousin of the family who played lacrosse for Syracuse and sent them over a care package.  But it wasn't a care package that just anyone could put together.  This one included a game worn cleat, a signed football, and a note sending condolences to the family.


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