Von Miller was the MVP of Super Bowl 50 and probably just as fit as anyone else, however, COVID-19 does not discriminate. You can be the healthiest person on earth and still contract the virus.

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Miller wanted to come forward to announce his illness hoping it would have an impact on others such that COVID-19 is SERIOUS & REAL.  It is not a conspiracy or 5G related.

According to insidehook.com, Miller said this:

It’s super serious. I try to keep my body in tip-top shape. I try to be Superman. I try to make things happen. I try to stay up on my health. I know if I can get it, then I know that anybody can get it. I want people to really take it seriously. […] When I found out that I had it, I can’t even lie. I was shocked. I was nervous. I wanted to call my mom and call my dad and let everybody know. But at the same time I wanted to let them know I was fine and I was OK.


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