Have you ever thought about how much styrofoam is actually used? Just think about in churches alone, the amount of chicken and fish dinners sold during fundraisers causes for a lot of styrofoam to be used by them alone. Restaurants rely heavily on the use of styrofoam during the pandemic because they are not allowed to have dine-in seating past 11 pm under the current rules.

According to WIVB, Buffalo city lawmakers, brought up a proposal back in 2019 to have the use of styrofoam cups and takeout containers banned. During a recent meeting Council, President Darius Pridgen said he still supports the idea, believing that it would help the environment. The Council President also mentioned that he does not want to cause any more harm to local restaurants that are already struggling.

I think at a time when restaurants are already suffering, and that some of the alternatives will be more expensive, and that although I still believe in our environment and cleaning up our environment, it's just not the right time.

said, Council President Darius Pridgen according to WIVB

Credit: WIVB.

The city is going to pause the styrofoam ban, but New York State is moving forward, starting next year, single-use foam containers will be banned.

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In my opinion, it's going to be hard to stop the use of styrofoam cups and carrying containers, unless there is an option that is safer for our environment and has the same cost as styrofoam. We all know how important it is to eliminate as much harmful waste to our environment as possible, I feel that we really need to have a cost-effective alternative.

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