This is not great news as schools plan to re-open.  An extensive study was done by a Pediatric Center in Chicago that,

"...examined concentrations of COVID-19 in the nasopharynx, or the upper region of the throat that connects nasal passages."

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The study's outcome is concerning, especially with parents preparing to send their kids back to school and Day Care.  The study's finding suggests this: (Watch WKBW News Video below).


According to the WKBW News story, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, President of the National Education Association warns:

"Don’t, under any circumstance, even think about opening that school for in-class instruction until you’ve got the virus under control.”

Garcia, according, to the WKBW report, teaches a class of 39 6th Graders in Salt Lake City and said that if the infection rate in a given community is not less than .05%, that schools should not consider opening for 'person to person' instruction.

A USA Today. the article entitled, 'Here's How Parents Can Protect Their Kids` From Coronavirus As Schools Re-Open" makes suggestions for your children as they return to school. Here are the simplest tactics:

  • Take temperatures before they go to school
  • Opt for a packed lunch in a brown bag
  • Practice hand-washing at every transition of the day
  • Have your child shower when they come home

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