Things will get back to normal after a pepper spray incident at a local school.

According to reports, a 13-year-old male student discharged the spray Thursday inside a classroom at the Grabiarz School of Excellence on Lawn Avenue. Police are still investigating and there's no word yet if the student is going to face charges.

I was in a club in Buffalo years ago and someone sprayed pepper spray near the air vents and it was brutal! My eyes were burning and we all couldn't stop coughing after the spray particles got in to the air. Definitely a scary thing.

A news release provided to us from the school explains that everyone seems to be OK after the incident.

The Buffalo Police Department, the Buffalo Fire Department, and American Medical Response (AMR) responded to assist. All students and staff involved were evaluated by the nurse and paramedics and there was no further medical attention required.

The Shelter in Place was lifted at 12:45pm.

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