According to News Reports, A group calling themselves 'Students for Action' organized a  Forum this past Saturday to talk about Gun Violence.  The group invited lawmakers, from the federal; and state level, hoping to get a better idea of what their sentiments are regarding Gun Violence and how the problem can be resolved.

According to News Reports, The 'Students for Action' group asked questions of Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins and Grand Island Town Supervisor Nate McMurray.  McMurray,  by the way, is a Democrat who is running against Chris Collins for the 27th Congressional District this fall.  Chris Collins, the current Representative for NY's 27th Congressional District, continues to criticize the student group, suggesting they are political puppets of sorts influenced by Liberals.

WGRZ interviewed the local creators of the 'Students for Action' group:

Here are some of the questions Students for Action posed on Saturday: (according to WGRZ)

  • Do you support school resource officers in schools?
  • "What is your response to the responsible gun owner who owns an assault weapon, who uses it for hunting, who uses it for self-defense, and doesn't use it for anything else?"

 According to WGRZ, Grand Island Town Supervisor Nate McMurray answered this way:

"I believe in the second amendment. I think that people who also support the second amendment have been vilified in our society unfairly...But I think we're talking about a small section of weapons that do the most damage."What quantifiable steps is each politician taking to remedy gun violence?

  • What quantifiable steps is each politician taking to remedy gun violence?

Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins said this:

"I support a ban on assault weapons for the very reasons I stated previously, and that is, they are designed to do one thing: kill people," 

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