How many times have you heard something strange then convinced yourself that it didn't happen? If you heard a strange boom yesterday, you weren't alone.

Yesterday I was on the phone with my mom when suddenly I heard a huge boom outside my house.  Like enough of a boom that I stopped mid-sentence and tried to figure out what it was.  We checked on the kids, and they were fine.

Eventually, we moved on and just figured we had heard something that was no big deal.  But evidently we weren't alone.

Yesterday, the Southtowns Scanner put a post up saying that multiple people had asked what the heck it was.

They heard it all around the south towns.  From East Aurora to Colden and from Boston to where I was in Eden. one knows what it was.  That's a huge area to cover that heard the same noise at the same time!

And...wait a minute...there's a facebook page that people can go to when they hear strange sounds to find out what they are...or tell people what they heard?  When did this thing come to be?

They're described as "A group where you can post about all the mysterious booms you just heard in your neighborhood. All theories (scientific or nonsensical) regarding the cause are welcomed."

But as mentioned in the post from Southtowns Scanner, you're not crazy just yet.  There was a large boom that happened somewhere in the southtowns.  Now if we could all just figure out where it came from...

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