I'm more than a month into straightening my teeth with Invisalign and Owl Orthodontics and I can see that it’s working! I definitely notice the gaps in my teeth are slowly disappearing. Sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable but that doesn’t last long and it’s not every day.

Others have noticed the improvement also, which is good to hear — especially after I spent years unhappy with my smile.

When I was a student, I was always making changes to get right for the school year. Listen, when we look better, we feel better, right?

Young people are usually concerned about how they appear to their friends. A pretty or straight smile goes a long way when it comes to school pictures or meeting classmates and teachers for the first time. That's why the wise choice for achieving the best smile is Owl Orthodontics.

Parents, this is a good orthodontist for children. Patients get to see a doctor quickly without waiting long for appointments, which is great for these busy back-to-school months. I've seen kids as young as seven years old in there and the staff made them very comfortable. I was impressed! If you are considering scheduling an appointment before school starts, you will wanna call Owl Orthodontics right away at 832-1550.

I trust Dr. Walla and his staff; and I love choppin it up with them at my check-ins.

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Owl Orthodontics helps with my smile. They definitely have my stamp of approval. Visit any of their six locations- in Amherst, Williamsville, Clarence, Grand Island, Depew and Buffalo. Owl Orthodontics, it's the wise choice!

For more information or to schedule your free consultation, check them out online at owlortho.com or call 832-1550!

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