The IRS has set the deadline for you to provide your direct deposit info. If you miss it, you will be waiting weeks for your stimulus check.

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Credit: WGRZ

If you want to receive your stimulus check by direct deposit, you've got to get your direct deposit information to the IRS by noon on Wednesday, May 13, according to WGRZ. The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service want you to use the Get My Payment tool to sign up for direct deposit.

“We’re working hard to get more payments quickly to taxpayers. We want people to visit Get My Payment before the noon Wednesday deadline so they can provide their direct deposit information. Time is running out for a chance to get these payments several weeks earlier through direct deposit.” ~ IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig via WGRZ

If you don't make the deadline, you will have to wait on a paper check. The IRS said it plans to start sending those out to people at the end of May and into June. Citizens with the lowest incomes will receive paper checks first. Approximately 5 million checks will be mailed each week, so it could take weeks, maybe even months to distribute the paper checks.

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