Many New Yorkers had the chance to cash a stimulus check from New York State in October, so should we be really for another one coming up before Thanksgiving?

In the month of October, New York State sent out stimulus checks worth $240 to those that qualified for them. The state sent out about $475 million worth of checks to New York residents.

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Several states have announced that they plan on sending out more stimulus checks in the month of November. Inflation remains very high and unemployment also remains high across the county as well.

States like California, South Carolina, Delaware, and Colorado are all set to send out another round of stimulus checks to residents based on income levels.

Here in New York, it looks like no more stimulus checks are expected to be sent out. The state did issue an early refund to certain residents who qualified for the School Tax Relief credit or exemption during the fiscal year 2023. You should have already received your check, but if you didn't and think that you qualify for the check the deadline to file a claim is in November.

You can see if you qualify by checking New York State's tax website HERE.

Most of the checks were set out before school taxes are due.

So while we are not expecting another stimulus check here in New York, if inflation continues to rise and the cost of living continues to increase, we could see the New York State government step in with another round of stimulus checks.

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