Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless Talk About Racial And Ethnic Sensitivity With The Emergence Of Jeremy Lin. How does a sports analyst have the ability to talk like this, but your favorite rapper cant ? Dude sounds like a Ivy League school professor right here. What he was saying was on point, I agree with some of it some of it I don't. That's the whole point of engaging in intelligent conversation instead of the random nothingness that you hear coming out of most hip hop artist mouths. Since Lil Wayne loves to speak on sports so much maybe they will bring him into the conversation. (Yea Right) If you haven't noticed rappers tend to stay away from any issue that directly effects the black community.

We can't continue to lean on excuses like the man said, I'm proud that some one keeps it real about important things. People are very quick to label someone a racist, but don't bother to find out about racist establishments that go on. Funny thing about this is I got called a racist the other day on twitter because I didn't play the Machine Gun Kelly part on the song Wild Boy. Mind you this was the first time I had EVER played Waka Flocka's verse ever which I found hilarious. I'm sure the person who tweeted that didn't know I think Machine Gun Kelly is a better rapper than Flocka I just wanted to change it up. Anyways people have to work on their racial sensitivity before labeling someone a racist like Stephen A. Smith was saying and I agree with him on that.