As the temperatures rise around WNY, there's good news when it comes to cooling down. Buffalo splash pads have reopened at three Buffalo parks.

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Three splash pads at parks in Buffalo opened today (June 22), according to WKBW. The splash pads are open at MLK Park, Centennial Park and Roosevelt Park. Those splash pads were chosen because of their size, they are bigger and better allow for social distancing. Mike Finn, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, Parks, and Streets explained the strategy, using the splash pad at MLK Park as an example, to WKBW:

“It’s enormous. So we can tell first family that comes up alright you go to that splash, get that section of the splash pad; the next family will go to the other one. When they’re done, they’ll keep cycling in and out. That way we’re able to monitor the social distancing and keep everyone safe.”

Although the splash pads do not normally have staff at them, they will this summer. The staff will help to ensure the everyone enjoying the splash pads are properly socially distanced. Other changes include specific areas to enter and exit the splash pads. As the summer progresses, the City of Buffalo may open other splash pads, if social distancing can be maintained.

Most City of Buffalo parks open at sunrise and close at sunset. MLK, Jr. closes at 10 p.m. If you need more information, you can visit the Division of Parks & Recreation's website or call 716-851-5553.

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