You could say there was a bit of paranormal activity going on at Darien Lake this weekend, and now one concert-goer is searching for the person behind it.

Maxine Keough is a physic medium at the Chrysalis Connection in Horseheads, New York. Physic mediums have the ability to connect to spirits through intuitive readings, which can include tarot but that doesn’t mean it has to.

Sometimes, you can see a spirit while you’re trying to enjoy a concert at Darien Lake.

Keough saw a spirit hanging around one girl who was a few rows away from her at the Thomas Rhett concert, but she wasn’t going to say anything because she didn’t want to ruin the concert or freak the girl out.

But now, Keough  is searching for the girl who brought the spirit into the concert…because this spirit followed Keough home from Darien Lake.

Keough posted a video on TikTok trying to find the girl.

“Please help me help them,” she said. “I was in section 202 row 4. I was in seat 8, and the girl I’m trying to find was in 6, I think?”

Keough described the girl she is looking for:

“You have blonde hair. I think you were wearing a green hoodie, I’m not sure…you look like you might have been 20 or maybe even younger.”

Keough first saw the spirit around the girl during the third song of the Thomas Rhett concert. 

“A man showed himself to me for you and really wanted me to let you know that he was there,” Keough said. 

Now, she is looking for the girl who brought in the spirit…especially because the man has “followed me home,” according to Keough.

“He is making himself very known, and he really has a message for you, so I’d really like to give that to you.”

Keough posted another video, showing some ghost activity at her house since returning from Darien Lake, and you can see that below.

If you know of anyone who went to the Thomas Rhett concert at Darien Lake on July 15, send them this article and let’s see if we can deliver this message.

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