Drivers beware! If you speed in school zones, starting Monday, your crime may end up on tape!

Credit: WIVB

Click here for the full list of schools, where the cameras are located!

If you are a speed demon, Monday, your indiscretions will be caught on camera! Speed cameras, which take photos of cars going too fast, will be activated in Buffalo on Monday, according to WIVB. The cameras will be placed in school zones, where the speed limits are 15 mph during school hours.

“Speeding vehicles in my community and throughout the state have too often resulted in tragic and avoidable consequences. I thank Governor Cuomo for signing our bill authorizing the city of Buffalo to establish a school zone speed monitoring demonstration program that will supplement police efforts to curb speeding violations, and help keep Buffalo’s residents safe.”

The cameras were placed by schools with a yearly average of 18 accidents per year near them and more than 10,000 vehicles passing by daily, according to WKBW.

"We want to educate motorists in the city of buffalo that the school speed zone cameras are in place and we want to make sure they are aware of it before we begin the process of ticketing." ~ Mayor Byron Brown

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By Yasmin Young
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