There's been a lot of depressing and sad news this weekend due to the blizzard in Buffalo, but this story is heart warming! A tour bus carrying 10 tourists, most from South Korea, who were headed to Niagara Falls, ended up getting stuck in snow during the blizzard. Imagine being from a different country, coming to see Niagara Falls, but instead, seeing snow, ice, and whiteout conditions. As much as the tourists were surprised by the situation they found themselves in, a Williamsville couple was just as surprised by the unexpected house guests they were about to have. Alexander Campagna, a dentist, shared a photo of what became maybe the most interesting blizzard holiday dinner ever in WNY,

2pm frantic knock on the door today during the worst blizzard i've experienced, was from a Korean tour-group of ten en route from DC to Niagara Falls, whose bus got stuck and remains stuck in front of our house. A Festivus surprise for all:

According to the New York Times, the seven women and three men, somehow fit into Campagna's three-bedroom house. The tourists included a couple from South Korea, who recently married and were on their honeymoon, two friends from Seoul, a college student from Indiana, and parents with their daughter.

To pass the time during the brutal blizzard, they watched the Buffalo Bills beat down the Chicago Bears. They also enjoyed a Korean dinner cooked by their guests. Campagna and his wife enjoy Korean food, so they had plenty of ingredients at their home. Replying to comments on his Facebook page, Campagna wrote,

the one lady made use of a bunch of our defrosted chicken, korean spices/sauces, rice, and made a FEAST! They made use of ingredients we had: chicken, gochugaru, kimchi, green onions, soy sauce, mirin, rice wine vinegar, sugar.... made some amazing dish served with rice! annnnnnd there was the ramyum.

This is such a great story. Campagna, his wife, and the tourists had a once-in-a-lifetime experience during a historic blizzard. They will remember those moments for the rest of their lives!

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