As the weather gets warmer and warmer every day lately, it's the perfect time to take a dip in the pool, and according to WGRZ News, local pools in Tonawanda and Kenmore are re-opening just in time for the relief needed.  Here's what pools re-opening will look like, according to WGRZ.

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As stated in the WGRZ News report, the new Public Swimming Pool directives are as follows:

  • Only Ken-Ton residents will be allowed to visit this season.

  • Social distancing will be enforced in and around the pool desk. There will be a "walkway" around the pool, there will be single entry and exit points, and there will be monitors to enforce social distancing. Slide stairs, entrances and sidewalks will have 6 foot markings to separate people.

  • There will be no tables or chairs for use, each person must bring their own chair with them to the pool. If the limited family seating areas on the deck fill up, people will be expected to sit outside of the deck.

  • You must wear a mask while entering and walking around the facility, until you are about to enter the pool. Hand sanitizer will be available.

  • There will be no locker rooms and showers will be blocked off. Only one family will be allowed in the bathrooms at a time, but it will not be used as a changing room. There will be a caretaker to sanitize the bathrooms and other communal areas that are often touched.

  • Swimming will be a first-come, first-serve basis.


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