For a long time, New York has generated a good chunk of its power from renewable methods.

From hydropower that's generated in New York's 7 hydroelectric plants, to the three nuclear plants that are located in New York, there are plenty of options for power generation in the Empire State.

Now thanks to a new solar project that's in the works, New Yorkers will have yet another thing to be proud of.

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The New York State Office of Renewable Energy Siting has issued a power generation permit to Hecate Energy Cider Solar LLC,. They plan to develop a solar facility in the Towns of Oakfield and Elba, New York, which is in Genesee County, that will be capable of generating more than 500 megawatts of solar power for New York State.

Today's announcement is a significant step in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, and further cements New York as a national leader in the fight to combat climate change... This project brings New York closer to not just meeting but exceeding our goal of obtaining 70 percent of our electricity from renewable resources while creating well-paying green jobs - creating a greener, more prosperous Empire State for generations to come.
-Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York State

It wasn't too long ago that New York passed laws to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to require the utilization of more renewable energy sources, this new solar plant helps achieve that goal.

US Energy Information Administration
US Energy Information Administration

In addition to getting away from non-renewable energy sources, using more solar and wind power should also result in a reduction in our energy costs.

With inflation causing pricing increases almost daily, this will be a welcome change for all who pay for electricity and natural gas.

This new plant should also lead to the creation of several hundred new, and high-paying, jobs for Western New York.

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