It seems the City of Brotherly Love is stirring a bit of a rap competition.

Philly rappers Meek Mill and Cassidy are allegedly on tense ground with each other after Meek Mill expressed interest in watching Cassidy and rapper Murda Mook battle each other.

Fans took to the Internet, supposedly misconstrued Mill's intentions and began developing the idea of Meek Mill and Cassidy getting together for a "King of Philly" rap battle. Cassidy agreed to battle "for the right price," while Mill declined, saying he'd much rather watch Murda Mook, since he's one of his inspirations.

Another rumor floating around is that the money put up is for charity, but Mill continues to decline Cassidy's invite. Cassidy recently dropped his track, "Diary of a Hustla," and people took it as a dis record towards Mill, who continued to feel the heat of the rumors. But Cassidy took to multiple media outlets to deny "Diary of a Hustla" being a Meek Mill dis, stating that he doesn't "deserve" a dis.

You can catch Cassidy's opinion on the fake beef below.

And as a treat, here's a parody/spoof video that's surfaced.

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