If your home sustained damage due to the recent lake effect snowstorm in Buffalo and Western New York, New York State is making it earlier to file a claim. Governor Kathy Hochul has instructed the Department of Financial Services to give Temporary Adjuster Permits to qualified out-of-state independent insurance adjusters to help expedite insurance claims. This move will increase the number of adjusters available to residents hardest hit by the lake effect snowstorm, so they can get paid out quicker. Governor Hochul said,

My administration is using every tool at our disposal to deliver relief to New York businesses and homeowners following this historic winter storm. This new guidance will help to expedite insurance claims for New Yorkers in need and fast-track our recovery effort as we continue to work around the clock to assist Buffalo and Watertown area residents. I urge all New Yorkers to file claims as soon as they can to help rebuild their communities and homes.


Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash
Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

The Department of Financial Services expects that all insurers will help make sure that homeowners and business owners in Buffalo, WNY, and other parts of New York State that were hit hard by this storm can have their claims handled quickly. DFS expects all insurers to:

  • Promptly processing and investigating insurance claims made by claimants;

  • Allowing claimants to provide as reasonable proof items such as: photographs or video recordings (without the need for a physical inspection); material samples, if applicable; inventories; and receipts for any repairs to or replacement of property; and

  • Allowing claimants to make immediate repairs to damaged property, if necessary, to protect health or safety.

If your home or business suffered damage due to the snowstorm and you have questions about your policy coverage, how to document your losses, or are having any issues, you can contact the Department's Disaster Hotline at 800-339-1759, between 8:30 am to 4:30 p.m. You can also visit the  Department's website at www.dfs.ny.gov.

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