The winter season officially started today as the first snowflakes of the season fell across Western New York.

A major cold snap has come across Western New York and with that, the snow has come to the Southern Tier. This morning, Jamestown, Springville, and Olean all woke to snow covering the landscape.

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Check out some pictures that were posted on Social Media.


We could see a chance of that snow continuing over the next 48 hours. Today we will see the high temperature reach around 46 but the scattered rain will continue and we could see more snow overnight tonight into Wednesday morning.

Tomorrow looks more of the same as today. Cold with scattered rain and possible snow showers. Again most of the snow will stay in the Southern Tier and will be measurable.

But there is some good news. By the end of Thursday, we will see a shift in the weather and a warm-up will sweep across the region. We will go from the snow to highs possibly reaching into the 70s on Sunday.

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